Fòrum Mundial Internet de les Coses

-As the world continues to urbanize, with 180,000 people a daymoving into the cities,the competition between cities will continue to grow,economically, environmentally, and even socially.The cities that embrace technology will surface as the winners.-Think about it, only 1% of what can be connected,is connected today.Imagine the possibilities.The internet of everything has arrived,and is ready to change the world.-Cisco is extremely excited by Barcelona,because the city is utilizing the internet of everything.By connecting its people and things to a city Wifi,Barcelona is creating new services, richer experiencesand unprecedented economic opportunities for its people,for its businesses and for its partners.-Barcelona is a social dream, and technology is ableto make the social dream possible.-We face in Barcelona the same, the very same problemsthat every city in the world faces.So, we want to tackle these problems with technology.-What we are trying to put in place is a common solutionfor all the cities of the world.-It is estimated that 40% of traffic in city centers is causedby cars trying to find a parking space.Now, in-ground parking sensors communicate with devices in carsto help vehicle owners quickly find an available spot.-Putting sensors in parking spots allows us to have fewer cars,less traffic, happy people, so that the city becomesa more livable place.-We have to make it possible for people to understandthat the internet might be changing their daily lives to improve them.-We transform the experience of wasting your timewaiting for the bus into full contact with the city.People can find information on routes for the bus,plus information on the area: business, commerce, shows.-Barcelona citizens not only enjoy the smart bus stop experiencebut are also able to maintain their wifi connectivitywhile on the bus or underground train.This allows citizens to get the same sensationof connectivity as they get at home.Understanding that much of a city's energy wastecomes from less than optimal use of lighting,Barcelona is installing highly efficient streetlightsto dynamically manage to save energy,optimize maintenance and provide a safe environment for citizens.A city wide network of sensors provides city officialswith concrete information, so that they can make decisionsbased on real time data.-Getting information on the flow of citizens,on noise, on pollution, on traffic, on weather conditionsallows cities to streamline the city operations,reduce cost and also improve overall sustainability:economic sustainability, social sustainabilityand environment sustainability.-Barcelona can generate a blueprint of what cities can become,and this is what gives full sense to what we are doingin Barcelona right now.-Technology is for people, technology is for using,and technology is for improving citizens lives.We are sure that the Barcelona of the future will beeven better than it is now.-Smart cities represent places where people will want to live,by connecting the unconnected, cities will be completely transformed.These are the cities that will harnessthe power of the internet of everything.

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