“I have known Patricia Gonzalez for 7 years both as a partner and colleague working for the same clients at Nissan.Patricia is a hard-working Account manager who understands exactly what digital projects are all about and what resources to put in place to get it done effectively.

She is very well organized, and perfectly knows how to assist her clients and agency partners.She is a highly resourceful, creative and solution oriented person who is able to come up with new and innovative ideas. She perfectly understands client organizations and challenges and is taking great initiatives which largely contributed to the success of her agency and her clients.

Both on the Nissan Europe and Nissan Spain accounts Patricia was a highly respected Digital & CRM account manager and got extremely well with any agency colleagues and was much appreciated by our clients.Patricia is an honest and sincere individual, a very dedicated work person and goes out of her way to be caring for others. She has great dedication and a sense of commitment and is someone that can be trusted and depended on."

Mariel Barrios, Client Director for Nissan Europe, Duke Razorfish, Paris